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Insanity's Den of DOOM!!!

Places you can go that are much more interesting than here!

Links for you
What Happens if You Steal From Me
The page of wit
Great Things

Be Lenore's friend...
Webcomics Most Excellent
Random Fun

Referencing stuff... of DOOM

I neither made nor am in charge of any of the pages listed, if you have a problem with your link being up here (Even though I dont see why, all your guys's work is great) then email me at if you want to see other links, then email me at If you didnt catch the email address the first two times, its so there.

My quotes may not be very witty... but i like people to know theyre mine... please dont steal stuff from this page or any linked pages without giving credit to the respective authors or I may have to release the hordes of rabid squirrels of wrath upon you...  Back to Insanity's Den... of DOOM!!!