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Insanity's Den of DOOM!!!

The best place for all things witty...

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Don't be afraid to try something new, remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic! -Hrivesul
Life is like an hourglass, the more time you contemplate the amount of sand in the bottom the less time you have to go do what youre being timed for -Nestad
If its broken and you fix it and it won't fix, maybe it was fixed before you broke it -Melilot
Homicide before Suicide -Frau Haeberle

Due to current technical difficulties, the light at the end of the tunnel will be shut off until further notice -anonymous

If we were figments of someone's imagination, would the figments of our imaginations be figments of their imaginations too? And if they were, then they wouldn't be figments of our imagination, so then we have no figments of our imagination -Manveri (did I mention my friends think too much?)

I dont care for lawsuits, they dont really match my complexion -Nestad

If yes is no and no is yes and one and one is one then give me the stupid candybar. -Kamikaze (after a very long math class)

Dont ask i dont know -anonymous

Male: (noun) see slave  -Melilot

What's in a name? A machette by any other name would still maim you to death!  -Erin Martin

My quotes may not be very witty... but i like people to know theyre mine... please dont steal stuff from this page or any linked pages without giving credit to the respective authors or I may have to release the hordes of rabid squirrels of wrath upon you...  Back to Insanity's Den of DOOM!!!